One of the world’s most dangerous eyeworms comes into direct contact with a woman

One of the rarest species of worms known to be hazardous to the human eye has been unleashed on a 68-year-old Nebraska woman. This is the second known case of worms inflicting death. This incident, on the other hand, might be a sign of a new disease.

One of the world's most dangerous eyeworms comes into direct contact with a woman
In October, the case’s unsettling aspects were revealed bare. Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the woman’s doctor both went into this study.


Sociologist Dianne Travers Gustafson from Creighton University in Nebraska came to California in February 2018 to conduct study. She was stung by insects while out on a jog one day. A fly known as the “face fly,” or Musca autumnalis, was swarming about her at the time, and she didn’t know it. After a month, the irritation in her eyes led to the horrifying finding of a developing translucent roundworm.


Bugs were found to have infested the lady’s eye, and the doctor determined that she had been unable to get rid of the flies before one went into her eye.


Larvae will be released on the conjunctiva or the eye’s surface while they eat tears or lacrimal secretions. A researcher, Richard Bradbury, claims that the larvae can be expelled within a few seconds if it happens quickly enough. However, he adds that it was impossible to chase the fly away in time to prevent it from expelling the larvae on her eye.

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