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William Barr to decide if Robert Mueller gets to testify

Attorney General will decide if Mueller can be allowed to testify against the President

When been questioned, whether will the Special Counsel Robert Mueller be permitted to witness before Congress over the current Russia investigation, Trump said, the decision will be regarded by Attorney General William Barr.

Attorney General William Barr

He said this in a press conference on Thursday referring to the Attorney General as “great” and said that he trusts him to make the decision that is in the best interest of the country.

The investigation has many facets and intricacies to it of which one looks into the involvement of Russian Agencies in the presidential elections that he won in 2017.

Till now, William Barr has not shown any reluctance to Mueller testifying on any of his statements. 

However, he does have the power to tell him not to appear before the Congress because all the members of the special council belong to The Justice Department which gives Barr the right to ban them as their direct head.

The Mueller report which was over 400 pages was not completely released to the members of Congress, that is it they received only a redacted version.

This disgruntled the Congressional Democrats who have since then applied pressure for the unredacted version of the report to be released.

The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on to say that these acts of the President and the Attorney General are barriers to justice and that they are putting the USA in a “constitutional crisis”.

On Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee finally made a move in the direction of procuring an unredacted copy of the Mueller Report.

They issued a subpoena to the Justice Department ordering them to release the complete report accompanied by any related and relevant evidence.

This was a reaction to the House Judiciary Committee holding William Barr in contempt of Congress for not making this vital information accessible to all.

Barr has been given an ultimatum where he until next Wednesday has to provide all the information that has been redacted or withheld.

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