Which turn will the Uber drivers agony take?

On Wednesday Uber drivers opposed and protested touching almost every part of the world.

On Wednesday Uber drivers opposed and protested touching almost every part of the world. The turmoil was vivacious, although widely unquantifiable, a protest against what they see as unmatchably low wages, poor job security, and lack of benefits.

Moreover, it was a rallying outcry against the expanding hiatus between their lives to that of those lives, who would become mercilessly rich when Uber would reach its stock market debut on Friday.

Eddie Wheeler[an Uber driver for approximately three years] had said, “I have no restriction with the company making money,”.
“The issue that haunts me is its way of making the earnings. Either I or any other Uber driver appears to be unsatisfied with this decision.”

Furthermore, drivers are trying their best to make their voice reach. On Wednesday, one of the protestors said, we have set our support by turning off our apps for a set amount of time – in some cases as long as 24 hours – in an attempt to restrict the number of drivers out on the road and resulting in low rides for the customers.

Drivers at the rally showing their agony said, we have reached a breaking point, and assume Uber should ignore their concerns at their jeopardy.

Annette Rivero, a driver for two years, said,  I drive for almost 12-14 hours a day and such decisions by the company or its let-it-go attitude “indeed unbearable”.

“The time we’re putting in is critical, as we are on roads for hours together”


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