Want to get rid of WhatsApp? Here are some tips to make you invisible without deleting the app

Social sites and apps have become important for all of us to connect with each other. Almost every app gives you the freedom to choose if you want to use it while being online or not. All the popular apps have log out facility, but WhatsApp doesn’t give this freedom. If you have installed this app on your phone, then another person can send a message to you. So if you want to have some ‘Me Time’ and cut yourself from all the apps, then you can log out from others, but you will have to uninstall the WhatsApp.

Even if you are not online, then also someone can text you, or if you are online, then the double ticks prove that you are available to chat. To get rid of this app for some time, you have only one option, to uninstall it. But the whole process of uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it is time and data consuming. So here we will tell you the trick that can make you invisible on the app without deleting it from your phone.

  1. Preventing WhatsApp from using your phone data will give you the privilege to stay disconnected from the people who ping you on WhatsApp until you come into a Wi-Fi zone, and it connects you with the internet.
  2. If the message tone of the app irritates you some time, then you can silence it without changing the mode of your phone. To do that you will have to record silence on your phone’s recorder first and then go to the settings of WhatsApp> notification and choose the recorded silence as a ringtone to the app.
  3. Even if you silenced the notification, but the app will keep attracting you with the light. You can also switch it off. To do this follow the instructions; WhatsApp> Settings> notification>lights, once you reach here, select none.
  4. Force stop the app from the settings of your phone and don’t open the app again or until you want to connect your WhatsApp contacts. This act will avoid the sender to get the double click on the messages he sent.
  5. The other option you have to get rid of WhatsApp for a while is to disable the Background Data. This will kill the app until you change the settings.

6.  And if there is someone in particular from whom you want not to get any message, then simply mute the notification for that particular group or individual. All you have to do is, just long press the chat of that group and you will see a volume indicator with a cross on it. Select the option, and that particular group’s message won’t disturb you until you select to un-mute the notifications again.



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