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UK Cabinet faced Mass Resignation after the announcement of Boris Johnson as new PM of UK

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Boris Johnson has become the UK’s Prime Minister today, and May’s era has come to an end. Before resigning from her post, Theresa May answered the questions of MPs. Before the dawn of Johnson’s era, many ministers have stepped down from their positions. Hammond, Stewart, and Gauke had already said it publicly that they could not work under a Prime Minister who supports a no-deal Brexit. Other than them, Rory Stewart and David Gauke have also stepped down from their positions.

Penny Mourdaunt, Theresa May’s Defense Secretary, has also put her papers down after Boris Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister. Jeremy Hunt has also tweeted about his resignation. He tweeted: “I would have been honored to carry on my work at FCO but understand the need for a new PM to choose his team. BJ kindly offered me another role. But after nine years in the cabinet and over 300 cabinet meetings, now is the time to return to backbenches from where PM will have full support.“

It is expected that Boris will create a ‘Cabinet for modern Britain’ with maximum numbers of women ministers. The resignations from the cabinets create a perfect opportunity for him.

Today on his first day as PM Johnson delivers a speech where he clearly mentioned: “The critics are wrong … the gloomsters will be wrong again.” He sounds optimistic in today’s speech.  In his first speech as PM, Johnson made his intentions clear to bring Britain together.  To take Britain out of the EU is going to be the biggest task of the new PM of the UK. And the present situations are indicating that Boris Johnson will not be able to enjoy his honeymoon period as PM as during that time only has to face big challenges.

Today Mrs. May has also delivered her last speech as PM. She congratulated the new PM and thanked all those who had worked with her.


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