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Trump could displace over 55,000 children in his new immigrant policies

Undocumented Immigrant disposal will displace more innocent lives

The Trump administration proposed a rule on Friday, that would basically tighten regulations against undocumented immigrants which was published in the Federal Register and meant that it would decrease the access these immigrants have to subsidize housing and other benefits.

The government justifies its decision by saying that this move is to ensure that the already scarce public resources are made accessible to those American citizens who are legally entitled to it. The Department of Housing and Urban Development was approached by multiple concerned parties.

And, they have noticed that this plan of the Trump administration, where they plan to almost clear the undocumented immigrants from public housing, will likely leave more than 55,000 children without homes and completely dislodge them.

Moreover, these children are all legal U.S. residents and citizens who are merely incapable of providing accurate documentation because of the Country’s poor documentation system.

HUD’s assessment of the situation has revealed that the implementation of such a rule would be extremely detrimental.

They concluded that almost half of the residents that currently occupy these households who face potential eviction upon implementation of the rule are children who have the right to this aid from the government.

The current laws that are already in place ban undocumented immigrants from access to any kind of federal housing subsidies.

The law, however, does not prevent families of mixed immigration status when at least one person, a child born the United States or a spouse of the family is a legal U.S. citizen from availing these subsidies.

The extreme approach that the Trump administration takes towards the problem of immigrants overrunning the US could disgruntle other countries on humanitarian grounds.  

This leaves us with 2 questions

  • The implementation of this new rule would displace many innocent immigrant children who are in truth legitimate American citizens, but will the Trump administration find a way to identify and compensate these members?
  • Will the government continue to implement such strict laws on the immigrants who have no resources ever?

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