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Travel to Europe only on ETIAS Post Brexit

Brexit – whatever be the implications it may or may not have concerning the prospects of the European Union, one thing it will change for sure is the way people used to travel to Europe. Yes, we are talking about ETIAS, which is a new pre-travel authorization system being designed by the European Union.

What is ETIAS?

Well, it must have been clear enough as of now. ETIAS stands for EU Travel Information and Authorization System which is a new pre-travel authorization regime and will come into force with effect from 2021. This will serve as electronic documentation for the citizens visiting the countries in the European Union and belong to the visa-free regions.

The documentation has been planned based on the issues of the migrant influx, security issues, and the threat related to terrorism. It will confirm that the ETIAS holder has undergone the initial security scanning. The ETIAS authorization will be applicable to those visitors who will not stay for more than 90 days. The ETIAS holders should only take up the business, tourism, and medical requirements and not allowed to undertake anything else like studies or jobs.

If you have gone through the ESTA system being used by the US authorities, you will find the similarities between the American ESTA and  ETIAS Europe.

How to Apply?

The application will be through the online process. It should not take more than 20 minutes to complete the application process. Just make sure that you answer the questions honestly enough. This will ensure that your application will not be rejected.

Also, it would be worthwhile to notice that possessing the ETIAS alone will not guarantee your entry into the countries within the European Union. This is where your honesty comes to the fore, and if you have not answered the questions properly, you run the risk of not being allowed to enter the regions.

That was what ETIAS stands for and how beneficial it would be for the visa-free countries.

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