The US records the weakest jobless rate ever since 1969

The official figures as per April, convey that the US unemployment rate sank to its deepest level surpassing its journey of 49 years.

The US Labor Department declared that it has recorded the lowest since December 1969, as the jobless rate plunged from 3.8% to 3.6%. The collapse is a result of a great number of people around 490,000, who left the labor force in the month of April.


Meanwhile, the statistics also revealed that the world’s largest economy scored an unexpected number of jobs a total of 263,000 posts in the previous month.

Wage data registered that average incomes have increased at an annual rate of 3.2%.

Analysts stated that the figures symbolized that the economy continued healthy, yet is not operating at a step that might prompt the US Federal Reserve to lower the interest rates.

During April, hiring profits were recognized in approximately all the sectors of the economy. Check the below list of jobs added to the individual sectors:

Professional and Business services -76,000 new jobs
Construction – 33,000
Healthcare – 27,000
Social assistance – 26,000
Financial activities – 12,000

Still, there was slight variation in the list of unintentional part-time workers. The number of people working part-time which could be due to their reduced working hours or due to not finding a full-time full-time job has recorded 4.7 million.

Ian Shepherdson [The chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics]:

Shepherdson described it as a powerful jobs record yet added saying payment increase can’t continue at an equal speed.

“What can remain, though, is the downshift in a lay-off, and that suggests more power to rare labor and active wage growth in the expected time”.

He further added saying, however, there are no paramount suggestions to monetary policy, it still be desirable as a comparable data in future which could “prompt something of a rethink at the Fed”.

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