The Big O is the Ultimate Gaming Machine

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Big O has turned the dream of many gamers into reality by combining PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, in a premium gaming PC.  If Gaming Nirvana is a fantasy then on its 10year anniversary, Origin PC has made it into reality. Recently introduced to the gamers, Big O is the ultimate gaming machine.

The massive box of Big O is actually an all in one tower where you can also connect with Nintendo Switch via a front-mounted dock. The machine looks like a beast and liquid cooling system of blue and green present in the machine gives it an impressive look.

The ten year anniversary of Origin PC is a golden opportunity to show their creativity to the gamers and innovative minds from other fields as well. The boutique has designed this gaming PC to make the gamers go down on their knees.

The idea of Big O to combine all the high-end games at one place is interesting but not unique. Origin PC has tried this crazy idea earlier also and innovated a custom gaming PC. Though the idea is same, the outcome is that BIG O is light years ahead of origin PC’s earlier various gaming console in one box idea. A few years back Origin PC merged Xbox 360 with a high-end gaming PC, but at that time it was madness for games that force the crazy team of Original PC to do the experiment of Big O.

The idea of having every gaming consolidated in one box was crazy for sure and not easy at all.  Someone might have dreamt about it but doing it in reality, wasn’t a cakewalk.  The company tested several concepts before making the Big O find out the challenges that gamers may face while gaming on Big O.

Now, let’s know in details about the features of Big O;

To bring this fantasy into reality, the company has upgraded the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro up to 2TB SSD. This will give extra storage to the game. The liquid cooling system has also been given to the PC that runs in the pipe all over it to cool down its temperature. Big O has Meg Z390 from MSI, Intel i9-9900K, 64GB DDR4-3200 motherboard.

Now, you must want to own one Big O for yourself, but unfortunately, this all in one gaming PC is only a showcase piece. Still, if you want it, then the company can build one for you, but that is going to be very expensive so you must have a Big bank balance to get a Big O.


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