Tesla commands its employees to end leaking the company information

This week, Tesla’s employees have received a notification on mail from its security team to end leaking the company information.

The email focused on few areas warning current employees to be loyal to the company as they made it clear, that aliens might try any which way to see us break” are “targeting” the employees for information via social networks and possible sources.

Tesla made it clear to its employees, that the employees have signed confidentiality agreements with the company during their joining. This is enough for the company to take action against any such employee who tries to violate the privacy rules.

Telsa stated that it will take actions against those employees who inappropriately leak exclusive business information or plan to violate the non-disclosure obligations. Found doing such act, may lead to termination of employment, claims for damages, and even criminal offense.

Following such an attempt by its employee in January, who shared private business information on a social platform- Twitter, which also consisted of production numbers, with journalists. Thus, this email was sent to the employees to be cautious and loyal and not commit any such mistake again.

The company further added saying-one of their employees had recently fired for posting the phone number to an internal meeting on a social media.

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