Julie Rivera


Online Journalism is what Intrigued Julie to plunge into online content development. After working for years, she developed the confidence to start something on her own, and that gave birth to the website She has a Master’s degree in Journalism from one of the reputed colleges of Pennsylvania. Originally from New York, she moved to Pennsylvania with her family and operates from there. She writes technology news mostly.

Max Miller

Co-founder, Editor

Max, American by birth, has traveled to many countries as he likes to meet new people, and explore their lifestyle and culture. He has been working as a journalist for some of the popular print magazines. He recently joined the team, and very keen to innovate new ideas. He also flaunts skills in high-level documentation with trending topic development. He loves to write Business and General News.

Esther Smith


Esther has worked as a journalist for a print-based magazine for 2.2 years. She is an MBA from a reputed university. She brings together relevant news pieces from various industries especially Technology and Business. She has a unique perspective with regards to business, and thus, she writes most of the news from business category.

Joseph Ellis


Joseph is the youngest team member of Bulletinland, and he has been writing for various online publications as writing is in his blood. He loves to share quick updates from Technology and Business arena. Sometimes, he shares interesting General News bulletins as well to give the readers some really nice news to read with their morning coffee. He aims to empower the readers with the delivery of apt factual analysis of various news pieces from around the World