Sledgehammer Unlocks Call of Duty WWII DLC Weapons


Call of Duty World War II has never been perfect for the game addicts. This game had server issues, map-related issues, and some flaws that affected the smoothness of the game, but Sledgehammer never gave up and removed all the flaws. To take the game to the new heights of popularity, it announced that majority of the DLC weapons will now be unlocked for the gamers permanently. Sledgehammer made the announcement of unlocking call of duty WWII DL weapon on Reddit.

Sledgehammer unlocks call of duty WWII DL weapon as a Thank You note to all those communities who made the game popular in different multiplayer servers on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

With this new announcement, now the gamers can access the guns like M36 Sniper, the Austen SMG, Wimmersperg Spz AR, the M267 SMG, the GDB-79 AR, Chatelerault LMG, and the Bechowiec SMG. This weapon unlocking system is only for a limited time as the game development team is removing the Little Time UI.

Since the release of the game, the fans of this game are asking for it, and this decision came much later than expected, but still, the fans must be happy that unlocking to weapon finally happened. Players can now take any gun to defeat the enemies throughout July and August this year.

Call of Duty World War II was launched in November 2017, and still, it is popular among its fans, which clearly shows how interesting the game is. With this new announcement of unlocking the weapons for the game, now its fans must have become more excited about it.

The game has a wide range of weapons, skin and game mode which don’t let the player feel that the game has launched approx two years back. Now the game has reached the peak of popularity and the game developing team has to give something new to its players, so they unlocked the weapon. Now the players can pick any gun to clear their way in the battleground of WW II.

If you still haven’t tried your hands on this game, you must try it now. This time the price of second-hand discs is low, and this game is worth playing even after the two years of its launch.

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