SERO- A TV by Samsung that can change its orientation mode.

Samsung has unveiled a new TV that can transform itself from horizontal, landscape style orientation to a vertical mode so that it could be easy to display a smartphone’s content. The device is of 43 inches and comes with an easel-like stand, which helps the TV to transform its orientation.

This is said to go on the floors by the end of May and will be priced at 1.89m won (£1,250). As per the news, one TV analyst has said that this is totally a new concept and will be an interesting concept, but will only have limited applications.

This device is named as “SERO”. Sero will come with a microphone and will have Bixby, Samsung’s built-in virtual assistant. The TV can also be set up to Clock face, display photographs or any other images.

Among the content given by the company in the device, the users might be able to watch a fresh new series of shows by Snapchat, specially designed for this device which is said to be on air this May.

This is such an interesting concept, but just that, it has to face quite a great competition in the market, said Matthew Rubin at market research firm Futuresource. “The use case for the Sero, beyond that of a regular landscape position TV, is limited, especially with a relatively high price tag, and there is a lot of content from the likes of YouTube is already in landscape mode. It is telling that the TV will initially launch in South Korea, which is a market with very high mobile phone usage, so the likely success can be gauged quite early.”, Matthew said.

BBC has asked Samsung, if Sero is going to be released outside Korea, and is waiting for a reply from them.


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