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Selma Blair Praises Friends Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jaime King for Their Support during her MS Journey

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Selma Blair once again talked about her battle with multiple sclerosis and shared the challenges she faced at that time.  The 47 years old Selma Blair praises friends Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jaime King for their support during her MS Journey. The actress revealed how her family and friends stood by her in her recent interview with PEOPLE.

Since her diagnose, the actress experiences up and downs in her life daily as when she wakes up every morning, she never knows what to expect from her body and mind.

The closest friends Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jaime King rallied around her after she diagnosed with the disease. In her recent interview, the actress said, “It’s the strangest thing that the time that could be the most stressful. I am feeling the most joy.”  I’ve seen people dedicate their time to help me,” she further added.

Her Cruel Intentions co-star and pal for 20 years, Sarah Michelle Gellar started a weekly food train for the Selma and her eight years old son Arthur so that Blair wouldn’t spend much of her time and energy in cocking the dinner. Kung made an arrangement of sending the flowers every week to the beautiful and brave actress.

Blair says, “she [My friends] have stood up in ways I would never have been comfortable with before. It’s been everything to me.” She jokes, “Sarah started the meal train, I get weekend meal packs as I’ve never feasted on before from Reese Witherspoon, from Constance Zimmer and so many people I don’t even know through Sarah.”

The selfless support Selma Blair received from her friends has helped her and benefited her household in multiple ways. She said the time she saved from cooking; she used it to read to her son or go to his school.

Her friend, Gellar’s act of kindness inspired Blair to help one of her friends she met on social media while she deals with the aftermath of breast cancer and more chemotherapy and has a child. Blair thought that her friend could use a meal train. Blair explained, “I was getting all these meals, why not also pay it forward and start one for her.”

She further adds. “I’m going to have to remember on days that I feel better to reach out to them.” The actress said that she wants to maintain the connection with her friends as they are her friends and she still needs them.


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