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Secret of Increasing Your Lifespan – High Muscle Power

Who doesn’t want to increase your lifespan?

Try to speed up your weight-lifting routine and make your muscles strong and healthy, which eventually serves as the key to a longer life.

The research that was exhibited at the EuroPrevent 2019 in Lisbon, shows how the power of muscles depends on the ability to generate force within oneself.

A study author, Claudio Gil Araújo [Professor at Exercise Medicine Clinic, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil], said:

“When you’re old, getting up from a chair and hitting a ball is mostly due to muscle power rather than of muscle strength. But still, most weight-bearing exercise concentrates on the latter,” said a

Around 3800 non-athletes aged 41-85 years, were brought to undergo a maximal muscle power test with an exercise between 2001 and 2016. 59 was the average age for the participants and only 5% of them were above 80 years.

The group has 68% of men, and the rest were women. Well, after 2-3 attempts, it was shown that the maximal muscle power was related to body weight. The values were divided based on their analysis, survival, and sex.

During the years of study, 274 men and 75 women died, according to the study. The power of the muscles started to vanish slowly, after 40 years of age.

“We now show that power is strongly associated with all causes of mortality. However, the good news is you only require to be above the median for your sex to have the best survival, with no further benefit growing even more powerful,” added Araújo.

The researchers even recommended people with several exercises for the entire body, for achieving maximal power.

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