Samsung Galaxy Fold reservations have been blocked

It has been known that Samsung is attempting to reveal its unique foldable technology in both private and public meetings. It has been known that it was publicly showing off their first ever device with that technology during a conference last year.

After all array the demos and trials of foldable displays in various trade show that you have seen in the past decade, you’ll finally have the chance to buy and own a device of your own this April 26th.

The reservations of Galaxy Fold was opened on April 12th and was closed, with no reason, the next day.

But as per the data about the virtual queue for reservations, showed that, around 3 PM PT on April 12, 7125 people had reserved the T-Mobile version and 7460 has opted for AT&T model in the United States.

Almost thousands and thousands of people are waiting to own the Galaxy Fold and feel it with their hands!

Each and everyone who had opted for pre-reservations was notified with a message saying, “Watch your inbox”. When the exclusive pre-order begins, we will send an email to complete your order based on your reservation number.

A reservation saves a spot in line but does not guarantee that you will get a phone. Act fast, as they are of limited quantity!

The number of people mentioned above does not show exact sales but just translates to the fact that how many might buy the phone. The phone costs $1,980 however there could be many last-minute changes of heart.

The cost is too high, yet you can expect this kind of price for a first generation device. Samsung had been flooded with loads of questions from the public, where the majority of the people asked about its durability.

Samsung doesn’t have an answer for that but tried calming people’s fears by again, showing off its special design which could withstand 200,000 folds or around 5 years of usage.

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