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Plant-based diet might prevent from type 2 diabetes, study suggests

A study from Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that more than 100 million of adults in the world have diabetes or pre-diabetes, a set of condition that can develop the diabetes type 2. The number mentioned here makes diabetes the most common disease in the world, which is also growing rapidly.

The prevalence of this disease forced people to follow a better lifestyle and healthy eating habits. Diet plays an important role in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes. A healthy diet and active lifestyle help control the risk of developing this health condition.  The diet that includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds minimizes the risk of developing this global epidemic.

The diet we have mentioned here has all the vegetarian edible, and there is no animal product has mentioned. As we stated above that the diet plays an important role in prevention from this health issue so many researchers keep searching for an ideal diet that a person should follow to stay safe from diabetes. In one of those studies, it has been revealed that a plant-based diet plays an important role in reducing the risk of diabetes type 2.

Many studies have been done on the different types of diet, and their effects on people and most of them come on the same conclusion that the plant-based diet reduces the risk of diabetes type 2. The observational studies done on a diet strongly recommend plant-based diets, and components of plant-based diets to prevent from diabetes type 2.

A team of researchers from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, MA, has also done a Meta-analysis and comprehensive review of 9 different studies belongs to diet and diabetes type 2. In all these studies, 307,099 people participated, and among them, 23,544 had type 2 diabetes.

The notes based on this analysis says that “Plant-based dietary patterns are gaining popularity in recent years, so we thought it was crucial to quantify their overall association with diabetes risk, particularly since these diets can vary substantially in terms of their food composition.”

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