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Parler Sues Amazon for Being Removed from its Platform

Social media platform firm Parler has accused Amazon in response to being eliminated from Amazon Web Services (AWS), the corporation’s web hosting services. Amazon said on Saturday that it would remove Parler because it wasn’t self-assured in its ability to appropriately police content on its platform that provokes violence.

The world’s major online retailer drew inquiry for having apparel with QAnon emblem and related books up for sale days after QAnon followers joined last week’s blockade of the US Capitol, which left five people dead.

QAnon supporters have pushed plans on social media based on web postings from the unidentified “Q,” citing insider knowledge of U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration.

Parler accused Amazon Web Services (AWS) of the duplicity of expressing a lack of confidence it could properly police its platform, including by removing content inciting violence. It said Amazon did this despite making no intimidations to suspend Twitter, where a current top-trending tweet demanded to “Hang Mike Pence,” the U.S. Vice President.

Before the site went down, Parler Chief Executive John Matze accused Amazon and other tech giants of a “war on free speech.”

Google barred Parler’s smartphone app from its app store on Friday, also mentioning Parler’s allowance of posts that seek to encourage violence in the United States.

Parler said it wants a court order requiring Amazon to restore its account and provide services it had committed for.

It is also looking for triple damages, saying it had over 12 million users and set to lose millions more as conservatives promote their Twitter followers to switch to Parler.

The two-year-old Parler saw an upsurge in users in recent months as social media giants Facebook and Twitter stepped up the implementation of posts that violated their policies.

Both Twitter and Facebook banned Donald Trump’s accounts last week after some of his followers stormed the U.S. Capitol.

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