New Chrome update to prevent marketing advertisements from tracking your location

All advertisers except their own will be blocked

Google has always boasted a privacy policy that is exhaustive and has no loopholes given the services and permissions it requires.

In the next update that Chrome is going to receive users will have access to more information about the cookies that the third-party applications and websites put up, in order to follow their activities throughout the internet.

The new feature also enables the users to block all the third-party cookies and pop-ups that might take a chance to track you, these come from marketing companies that look to make money from the information that they gather through this process.

The feature has been on the cards and has been talked about in the past, but never really came to fruition as Google never saw any reason to hasten the process. However, the recent developments in privacy could witness many controversies such as Facebook’s recent woes and not to forget the Infamous Cambridge Analytica have driven Google to roll this feature out with a lot more haste.

Moreover, there are some intricacies to the new feature, it is not a shadow ban of the cookies. The block is applicable only to the companies looking to make a profit from these cookies, those cookies that are user-friendly like ones that save your login information to prevent the hassle of repeatedly re-entering will not be removed.

One such factor is to ask for themselves about where does the profit go in such a scenario for Google, as they themselves make money with the information they gather.

Google will probably not apply these filters to cookies that are sourced to itself, thus monopolizing the possibility of making money from cookies which are going to increase the profits they make from here exponentially.

However, the changes that are prevailing shouldn’t affect Google’s ability to collect user data greatly. But surely by blocking it would cause an obstacle to the third party cookies.

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