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New Battle Royale Game Watchers introduces new rules to keep the excitement of the game up

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The battle royal genre games are among the most loved games in today’s time. PUBG, Fortnite, and many other games from this genre have become an instant hit. After looking at the popularity of these blockbuster games, it was believed all new games would be based on the same tendency ‘Kill to Survive.’ But the New Battle Royale Game Watchers has a unique feature.

Despite being from the battle royale genre, the game doesn’t end with the death of the player in the game, but it lets the player be in the game as a watcher and help other to take the player’s revenge.

Developer Blindwar and publisher Alawar Premium both have introduced this unique feature to win the game even after getting knocked out by the enemy too. The battlefield of the game looks like 1950’s suburban America.

Like most of the battle genre games, in this game also you will have to navigate the battleground with the help of a map, explore the placed to get more weapons and kill other players to be safe and to win the game. It looks similar to any other game from this popular genre, but as a player, you get a chance to be in the game even if you could not survive the game and killed by the opposition.

Games from this genre became an instant hit because they have excitement, but all this excitement get vanished as soon as the player dies. So this new game with this unique feature will allow the player to stay connected with the game for a longer time.

After getting eliminated from the game, the gamer will move to go in Watcher Mode and from there he can be a part of the game and as a watcher and explore the different and interesting side of New Battle Royale Game Watchers. Here the gamer can keep an eye on the rest of the players and can influence the game through “anomalies and experiments.” As a watcher, you have the power to drop the vending machine from the sky or convert one of the survivors in a giant or put the battlefield on fire by firing with a laser.  The game has 24 players because of its chaotic nature.

The features of this game sound interesting and being a part of the game as a watcher will be a different experience. If you too want to feel the excitement to be an invisible player in a battlefield game, then you can be a part of its beta version which is in progress until August 4. You can download the beta version of Watchers from the official website of the game.

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