More than a thousand Apps are stealing your data even after you deny permission

Your data is precious to you, and you don’t want anyone to sneak into it. To keep your data safe, Google has set the permission feature that gives you granular control over the apps you have on your phone. That means you set permission for each app and give it access to the data like camera, contact, etc. But a study, conducted by researchers from the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) reveals that more than 1300 Android apps breach the data even after denying access to them. These apps sneak peek in all the data you have in your smartphone, including your location.

This study has raised a concern about the security of users’ data. These apps get access to the users’ data in two ways. First, they do it with Android and third-party SDK vulnerabilities, like Unity and second, through open channels, that gives a smart and nontraditional way to share users’ information to the apps that are not permitted to get it.

The smartphone users keep their eyes glued on the screen and run their fingers on different apps. You can imagine how much data users are producing with each second and when not so trustworthy apps can get access to that data, then users have to be worried about the privacy.

If we talk about the apps that are watching your actions without your permission, then there are more than a thousand apps involved in this. Apps from Samsung and Disney also get access to the data after denying it to them.

These apps not only using different ways to know what you have in your phone but they also use the loopholes to access your phone data. Data security has become the main concern for technology giants like Google, Apple, and others. But as the numbers of Android users are higher, so Google has to take some action to keep the users’ data secure. We can expect that Android Q will be advanced enough to stop this.


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