Just name the restaurant and Google maps are en-route with popular dishes

For quite some time, google maps have been requesting the users about who eat at a particular restaurant, to upload the images of the dishes with its name and its uniqueness.

According to the recent news, there’s going to be a new update in the maps section where an additional feature is expected to be added in the restaurants’ menu tab which will use these images, names, and tags to bestow you the most liked and popular dishes.

Try opening a restaurant on Google, and check out the features by clicking its menu tab (some doesn’t have it). The first screen you will get see will consist of images of famous dishes.

Furthermore, can see large sized images of the dishes with its name and rating below it. It also would include different comparable and new dishes listed below.

When you choose and click any of the listed dishes, you’ll get a handful of images related to that dish, which has formally been submitted by various customers.

Not just that you will also see a huge list of reviews given by a various number of customers who have tried it with their name mentioned on the review.

You can also see an edit button option to fix any mistake or even report comment/review or a wrong dish.

In the case of those restaurants that previously have uploaded their dishes on maps, the famous dishes would be presented on the menu tabs first, then the text menu will be ready on the following sub-tabs.

However,  the popular dish feature is shown to a specific crowd and not to everyone. It is just reaching people gently. People despite being on the latest version and level 7 local guide of Google Maps aren’t able to see it.

Fingers crossed, as we wait for Google’s move towards making it visible to the maximum crowd possible.

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Julie Rivera

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