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Jim’s Car-Wash Case: Is crime or something else is the reason behind its shutter

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Since last 15 years Jim’s Car Wash on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in South Dallas has been the center of the argument. The citizen of the city wants to shut down this place as it is considered as the hotbed of crime.

This place is viewed as a crime magnet from a long time, and the city board of Adjustment has released the order to shut this place down in 30 days. The order was passed in June, but just a few weeks ago the city created a blunder by publishing a map of the hotbeds of crime on MLK in South Dallas. And the most infamous place of the city for the crimes, Jim’s Car was not present in the map.

The map was based on the police statistics of crime, and according to the map, the car wash is a crime-free place in the city of crime.

The map was handed out from the workers of the city attorney’s office. One of the people who received this map was Dale Davenport, co-owner of Jim’s Car Wash. Dale was glad to see the map and the position of Jim’s Car wash on it.

In the map, the car wash area was out of the crime-prone area. This map was going to help the owners of Car Wash as they will have to attend the hearing on shutting down their business based on a high crime rate in the area.

Now, when most of the people of the city are behind Jim’s car wash and want to shut it down because the place attracts the criminals and crime, then the map based on Police records raises a question, “why people are after this place?”

The reason can be anything but the property is something that looks more relevant. The Judge of the city’s zoning board of adjustment ruled that the car wash is a nuisance and Davenport and his father have made enough money from it already, so it should be shut down. Then another lady on the board was also in favor of shutting down the car wash because the car wash has big lights just like the tennis courts in North Dallas, where she lives so she can understand the irritation created by those big lights.

Well, these were the logics that were given by the judge and members of the board of adjustment to shut down the car wash. Though the city cops testified that the place is terrible but that too without any statics and reports. But all these claims got vanished when you see a map based on the crime reports and the place infamous for crimes looks neat and clean.

But at the end of the day, the map couldn’t help Davenport and slapped him the order with more complicated onerous requirements which make it impossible for him to reopen his business.

The city doesn’t want to force him to sell the place, but Davenport has not many options in hand, and he may have to sell it.

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