Is it a Good Idea to Depend Solely on Windows Defender?

Windows operating system comes with a built in protection against the malware and other similar attacks. Labelled Windows Defender, it has been considered to be one of the best options you would want to go with. In fact, the free antivirus solution that comes as part of the Windows operating system across all its editions, it has even won the prestigious mention of being the best antivirus solution getting six out of six scores in a research conducted among the 34 popular antivirus services.

Is Windows Defender Sufficient enough for Security?

Well, it would be dependent upon the exact Windows version you are on. If you are using Windows 10 operating system, it would be interesting to notice that the Windows Defender on thee version comes with a advanced features. It also offers you a cloud based protections as well.

In any case, it is specifically designed for a regular day to day usage. If you are checking out the options for extra security and in case you are using the services like torrents or other mission critical applications, it may be wiser enough to check out the possibility of a third party tool to ensure a better security against malware.

Windows 10 may be a great service in itself. However, you would find that it can be vulnerable to security hacks. There has been a new security technique developed by hackers that can steal the details and data from your servers. In fact, the new tool exploits some of the security mechanisms used on Windows Defender. The hack is one of the specialized server-side request forgery or SSRFs as they are referred to as are the tricks used for gathering the information from local networks.

That is exactly what would be a good choice to opt for a good third party source like ZoneAlarm free anti-virus can be a good choice in this context. However, you would need to exercise caution while choosing the right option for your needs. Going through a right reviews and research can be helpful in more ways than one. A tool that provides you access to multiple features and functions along with personal firewall will ensure your system remains invincible to any sort of attacks. A few other features that you should pay attention would include protection against the wireless connections, customization modes for scanning your device under different conditions, and the gamer mode are a few select features that you find impressive enough and worthy of consideration when you look for a perfect security system.

Do note that the issue is not limited to Windows defender alone. Even the Kaspersky antivirus solution had experienced a security flaw. The flaw let thousands of Kaspersky users become vulnerable to hacking attempts. Yet another case in point can be a recent security issue reported by Bitdefender free antivirus that came under fire.

Having understood that, it would appear great to find that the Windows Defender solution recently featured among the top 4 secure antivirus solutions that you can relay upon. It should be heartening enough to notice that it has turned out to be an excellent service when you compare it to the performance it showed just a few years ago. It may be quite difficult to believe that the same service earned a poor joint level rating in 2015, such a huge development can be definitely seen as a huge success rate.

Check out the best reviews and get access to the best antivirus solution that takes care of your privacy and security. Windows Defender can act as a sturdy protector for all your important data, but does come with its own abnormalities. If you can live with a few of them, this can be the right choice for you.

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