Is FaceApp really stealing your data? The company says ‘NO’

The newly popular FaceApp lets you see your appearance when you will become a pensioner. It’s a kind of fun to find out how you will look when you get old.  People loved the app and installed it to share the result they received. After immense popularity now it is being reported that app is stealing your data from your phones.

The Face App uses AI technology to create a deep fake version of you from a different age and gender. The app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Many celebrities posted the look of their older version on their social media account, and that made the app more popular. As of now, the FaceApp has approx 100 million active users.

On Monday, a software developer Joshua Nozzi tweeted to warn people about the use of FaceApp. He tweeted, “it immediately uploads your photos without asking, whether you chose one or not.” Since then, the debate of keeping data safe from this App has been started.

Will Strafach, an iOS security researcher, also claimed that FaceApp is secretly uploading every photo in your camera roll to its remote servers. Later on, FaceApp also admitted that it ‘might store’ some uploaded photos in the cloud for performance and traffic reason and to make sure that the user doesn’t upload the same images again. The AI app developing company also informed its users that the company doesn’t sell the data of its users to any third party.

Earlier the rumors were spread that FaceApp shares the data of its users with Russian companies to which the company denied in its statement released on the allegation of stealing of users’ data.  FaceApp’s statement also ensures its users that the company deletes most of the data available on its cloud within 48 hours of storing them.  Users can also ask the app to delete their data by using “Settings->Support->Report a bug.”


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