How to choose the best moisture Analyzers for Plastic?

Moisture Analyzer is a device for plastic that is used by the industries that deal with the production of the plastic items. The small and the large manufacturing companies both use it in order to make sure that the amount of moisture in the product during packaging is within the specifications by determining weight loss during the manufacturing process.

It is also vital for the manufacturing companies to determine the quality of the product. Plastic moisture tester from DSC is used to test the quantity of the plastic resins in the product and its effect, and thus the changes been made on the material.

So now that we know how important it is to have a plastic moisture analyzer, it is also essential to know that not all manufacturers produce the best plastic moisture analyzers to fit your needs. Below are a few factors that you must consider before purchasing a brand.

  1. Ease of Use

This factor applies to everything you buy in your business. You should generally go for a brand that does not give you a hard time with the support or don’t burn a hole in your pocket. You should go for the analyzers that do not rely on sample uniformity and those not affected by color or texture of the material. Also, prefer the one which gives you full control by informing you what’s going on constantly.

  1. Accuracy and Speed

We all know that accuracy is paramount to maintain the high quality of your product. And with accuracy, we mean that a machine should have a read out of at least 0.0001g for small samples and accuracy of +-0.001 percent with samples above 0.5g. The analyzers should also take minimum time to produce the results in order to keep a check on the product specs.

  1. Environment-Friendly

Thermogravimetric moisture analyzers are supposed to be more environment-friendly as they utilize loss of weight on drying methods to calculate the moisture content.

  1. Durability and Cost

If you put a little research in the moisture analyzers, you’d come across a few good moisture analyzers that are not hard on your pocket and works just the same if not better than the expensive ones. Buying a moisture analyzer is a sustainable investment. Thus you should take into consideration all the factors that could impact the quality of your moisture analyzers and hence your overall product. The material of the product should be durable to serve you long enough.

You should also check the reviews of the moisture analyzers on the manufacturer’s website to get an insight into the buyers’ experience with the product.



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