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How fit the World is ?

Health is the most of asset for all the living creatures. The health of humans plays an important not only in their daily life but in the economy of the country they live in. But in today’s time when new diseases are being discovered essential, and doctors are yet to find out the cure of a few old diseases, then the questions of fitness of human arises.

According to a survey from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) 2013, only 4.3% people in the world have no health-related issues. This means Just one in 20 people worldwide is completely healthy. This analysis published in The Lancet and figure shared here are scary.

According to the analysis disease like musculoskeletal disorders (others, mainly low back pain, neck pain, and arthritis) and mental and substance abuse disorders (predominantly depression, anxiety, and drug and alcohol use disorders) are the main reason in health loss in today’s time.

The reasons behind the lack of a healthy and fit body are numerous like inhaling polluted air or lack of physical activity and many other. According to a WHO report, 9 out of 10 people inhale the polluted air.

Environmental Protection Agency said on air pollution and its effects on human, “For Human health, the toxic PM 2.5 particles of black carbon and sulfate pose the greatest problem because they can get deep into your lungs and some may even get into your bloodstream”.  The issue of pollution is high in the middle or Low-income Countries.

The reason for oflack of health is different in the developed countries is different.  The WHO warns a quarter of the global population and more from the developed countries to be more active. WHO recommends a minimum amount of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity, or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week but people prefer to watch T.V. after coming home from the full day sitting job. In developed countries.e. this less physical activity has become a big reason behind lack of health.

The world is fighting with many problems and lack of health in one of them. We are to not only think of a long life, but we need to focus on a healthy life too. If few following few precautions, planting more trees and doing regular exercise can give us a healthy life then nothing wrong in accepting it as a part of daily life.

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Max Miller

Max Miller

Max, American by birth, has traveled to many countries as he likes to meet new people, and explore their lifestyle and culture. He has been working as a journalist for some of the popular print magazines. He loves to write Business and General News

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