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Hollywood stars join hands to save the environment

The earth needs care by its people, and when celebrities contribute to this Nobel work then it becomes popular instantly. The Hollywood celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith are stepping up for the welfare of the environment. Leonardo DiCaprio has been working for the environment for a long time, and now Will Smith has also joined hands with him. This initiative of Hollywood Actors will motivate others to think and work for the betterment of the environment.

The giant fire in the Amazon rain-forest has already ruined huge numbers of plants and still it’s a big concern for human. This is the high time to take some steps to stop our forests and nature’s properties from getting burnt and destroyed. For this noble cause, Leonardo DiCaprio has already pledged $5 Million for the Amazon Aid. He is also a part of Earth Alliance which is an organization that serves the earth.

Will Smith is connected with ‘Just’ a water brand, and Leonardo DiCaprio has his share on a shoe company named “Allbirds.” Now, these two companies are joining hands to save the environment. The companies will collaborate to create two limited edition pair of shoes and give the profit earn from their sale for the environment. The profit share of both of the companies will go to Amazon aid.

Will Smith released a statement about this collaboration; he said, “Here is only one Mother Earth, and it’s on us to protect her. We source Just sugarcane caps from Brazil, so this hits especially close to home.” “Collaborating with businesses who are creating innovative, sustainable solutions are the key to our future, and it’s important that we support those brands who give back more than they take.” The official statement from Will Smith adds further.

It’s a good initiative by both of the superstars of Hollywood. They birth are an inspiration for the rest of the world.

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