Google’s Android Q beats the New Feature of Dark Mode

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Android Q was launched and came into the public’s notice in early March this year with the other two versions of the operating system being available to adopters. The lookers have been testifying the device of the latest software of Q on a Pixel 3 XL. It’s a new world for Android Q to start up and build its position, yet, the one feature of dark mode, establishes a great taste for the users to buy it and recommend it.

Google has established the dark themed feature for the first time with its explorations, keeping in mind the taste of its users to buy looking after the meaning to the selling value of the device and its best features. The device’s design to look good and feel the dark theme establish the Google’s explorers to create the Android Q with more efficient creativity, and thus, the device comes with white and black colors been inverted, summarizing it to a broad and unique feel.

Swiping down from the phone’s screen, the settings pop-up with a combination of white, grey and blue icons with a more delicate look on the black background with the striking colors. With the increasing length of the settings menu, every further icon involving the battery, sound, display, and others is provided with their own unique colors.

This also offers the users a chance to watch out for more different and elegant looking colors in the device with more amazing briefings with the black background and also with white headings and grey subheadings while swiping right from the home screen.

Google’s news feed option pops-up that provides another set of satisfactory and ravishing colors with predominating theme provided with transparency. Furthermore, the polished classic look provides a dark mode with subtle fresh and active feel.

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