Google Play Store releases yet another game-changing update

The application takes another user-friendly step, users should expect more

The Google Play store has in recent times been putting in a lot more effort in making sure that it remains user-friendly and relevant in a fast-changing market.

Its recent updates have its users reveling in how they are meeting all the requests of their users and also making the application’s user interface one that makes using an Android device less troublesome.

Downloading an application from the Play Store is arguably one of the easiest things one can do with your phone.

The problem with the downloading of an application being hassle-free and space on Android phones never being a problem is that we end up downloading applications at a rapid rate and end up forgetting that we ever did.

Thus, these applications remain on our phone, unused and stagnant, merely occupying space and slowing down system functions, sometimes even draining battery with background functions.

The new feature of the Play Store App is going to be a life-saver for such application hoarders. The new feature lets the user know when they have not used an application that they installed in a while via a notification.

There is an option that reads “alert” and upon tapping it, takes you to the Google Play Store, to a specifically curated list of apps that the Play Store has tracked that you have not used in a while.

The list consists of the name of each application with each app having a description including the last time you opened it and the duration you used it for.

You can select the app or even multiple apps that you are not using and uninstall them. The play store gives you reports on how much space you are saving in the process as well.

It has not been made clear how long it is before an unused app gets sent to the list of unused apps and you start getting alerted.

This feature is yet to be released worldwide, it is currently only implemented in the Netherlands to figure out if it has any kinks that need to be solved.

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