Godiva- a new competitor for Starbucks

No one needs an introduction to Starbucks. Starbucks has over 30,000 retail stores in 78 countries around the world. In the United States, it hosts almost half of the total café outlets. It is the most common shop you could probably see in the US. It is not uncommon for the chain to have multiple outlet locations in a town.

Now, this seems to be a big barrier to entry, but the business continues to attract new customers in the city. Chains like McDonald’s and Burger Kind have made so many efforts and steps with an ample amount of hard work to keep up their coffee games.

Now another well-known and famous brand has decided to give an entry into the market after getting to know that cafes are the future and there’s no other famous company other than Starbucks as it holds a huge lead.

According to the Associated Press, GODIVA, the privately held chain is popular for its chocolate stores in various malls, plans to open around 2000 stores, which is CAFES, in five years down-the-line. The locations will not sell their usual products like chocolates or the ice-creams. They’ll be opening full sit-down cafes with a huge coffee menu.

  • They’ll also include something new called “croiffle”, a cross between croissant and waffle, with fillings including chocolate, Nutella or cheese.
  • Further, they have informed that the company isn’t limiting itself to mall-based locations and moving out to a new area this time.
  • By the launch of cafes, the company has planned on an expanded menu and which might bring in more customers often.

It would be a tough job for Godiva to compete with Starbucks. But this might become an alternative to Starbucks, maybe a change of place and environment may bring in people to Godiva but definitely not as a competitor.

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