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Floatation Tank Therapy: The Evolution of Modern Sensory Deprivation Therapy

This currently immensely popular therapy is something all-together different from anything else people seeking relief from their ailments would have ever known. It does not involve any type of drug ingestion or invasive therapy, it is totally relaxed, comfortable and holistic. As a matter of fact, floatation therapy is among the few ‘treatments’ that seem to actually work without any invasive element.

The therapy which basically involves floating in skin temperature liquid that is saturated with Epsom salt in a compartment that is pitch dark and silent actually allows the mind of the floater to enter into a ‘deep restorative rest’ also referred to as ‘deep relaxation’.

This environment triggers the brain, in turn, to enter into what is commonly referred to as Theta Brain Wave state which is akin to the deep meditative state that only people who have practiced Yoga and meditation professionally are able to achieve.

The situation promotes what is commonly referred to as self “reprogramming” which promotes super-learning and vivid visualizations that enhance skills ranging from physical abilities to mental creativity and capacity. It has been observed that during these ‘enhancement’ processes stress and anxiety are not just suppressed, but eliminated or at least reduced greatly.

How this is achieved is via the reduction of stress associated neurochemicals which include among others adrenaline, ACTH and cortisol which has been directly implicated with dozens of stress-related illnesses or conditions.

Gravity Reduction during floatation therapy also plays a unique role based on the fact that approximately 85% of neural activity in humans is engaged with the force of gravity which is constant. The fact that we are required to balance and counterbalance the impact of gravity on us unceasingly ‘depletes’ our ‘brain processing resources’ and just by floating due to the buoyancy provided by water saturated with Epsom salt releases our brain from contending with the force of gravity.

This simply means that 80% of our mental resources are used for other purposes that for the most part of our lives remains neglected. Apart from that, those who have issues with back-related pain (which for the most part is induced by gravity) will find the therapy much to their liking.

The same effect of ‘relief’ from gravity is enjoyed by women who are pregnant. Another factor that most people ignore about gravity is the fact that gravity is a primary contributor to the process of aging or degeneration, thus, floatation tank sessions save us from that too, albeit only for a few hours a week.

The fact is that unless we are still in the womb of our mothers, there is no other closer resemblance to the experience other than floatation therapy.

Humans often embrace the feeling of ‘being safe’ during floatation therapy as it is almost a replica of what they felt when they were in the womb of their mothers.

The reasons behind the effectiveness of floatation therapy go far beyond the crux of our understanding mainly because it involves our brain which is pretty much still a big mystery.

Nevertheless, one thing that remains certain across the board is the fact that floatation therapy works!


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