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Female reporter faced uncomfortable situation due to the crowd’s chant at a football game

Italian sports presenter Diletta Leotta faced an unexpected situation when the crowd presented at the stadium started to chant “fuori le tette” which roughly translating to “get your t**s out”. Diletta Leotta laughed off on those Napoli fans who chanted this and also show them down thumb but this incident is being criticized all over the world.

A few months back few fans allegedly racially abused Fiorentina’s Brazilian left-back Dalbert which was condemned by Atalanta. With this new incident the face of Italian fans got spoiled again and Yahoo said on this that “Italy clearly still has a long way to go”.

28 years old, Diletta Leotta is a well known sports presenter with 4.6 million followers on Instagram. She was walking off the pitch at a Napoli game when this incident took place. The sports presenter was visibly fuming over the chanted words but she smiled and showed a down thumb to the crowd.

The footage released online that shows the reporter wagging her finger at the stand and showing thumb down to the people.  Diletta Leotta has won the  “Miss Elegant” crown at the Miss Italy beauty pageant ten years ago, before turning to present. She also graduated in law from Rome’s Luiss University in 2015.

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