Facebook co-founder calls for a separation of the company

Co-founder unhappy with the value of power Mark Zuckerberg has in the company

Just weeks after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced his vision to have a new and improved Facebook with a better approach.

The new features were supposed to focus more on the preservation of the privacy of its users and to create a more community friendly user interface.

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook

The statements from Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has dampened Facebook’s attempt at winning back its now very skeptical users. He issued a forceful call in which he wishes for the regulators to go for a separation of the company.

A much concerned Hughes stated that Facebook now has way more power than any private sector entity should be allowed to have and now it is high time for regulators to step in.

However, Hughes is currently not working with Facebook, as he left the company in 2008 to join Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

In his statement, he repeatedly had said that he believes that the CEO has no bad intentions.

But he also points out that the rate of growth of the company and its size gives Zuckerberg more power than any man is due, his power is not even subject to being kept in check due to his majority voting stake in the company.

Hughes added saying, that the most questionable aspect for the company is the fact that the CEO has one-sided control over the speech.

Thus there is nobody who checks his access and ability to monitor, organize and censor the personal information, contacts, and conversations of over 2 billion people.

Facebook currently wants to merge its three major social media outlets, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Hughes calls for swift action from the Federal Trade Commission as after the three branches have merged, and in some way begin to function off each other, it would be infinitesimally harder to break them apart.

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