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Europe to face historic and deadly early summer heat wave

Europe will have to face an intense heat wave from Wednesday to Friday. According to Accuweather on Wednesday and Thursday, the temperature may reach up to 38 degree Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). The heat waves that may bake the continent is the result of a storm sailing over the Atlantic Ocean and high pressure over central and eastern Europe that pull very hot air from Africa northward across Europe.

The combination of heat, humidity and hot sun rays will make Wednesday and Thursday hot and make them look even hotter. The hot wave has already begun and Spain has become the first place to get affected with this hot waves. Later the heat weave will reach France, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Italy.

The French Ministry of Solidarity and Health declared the heat weaves “exceptional in its intensity,” and it also has released a warning for various cities of the country.  The Ministry has said that the day will be longer and nights will be shorter in the country due to the effects of heat waves.

The ministry has also implemented safety measures provided by the national heatwave plan. According to this, the ministry has instructed employers to limit employee exposure to the heat and limit strenuous work. It has also urged health care facilities to have special arrangements for the most fragile people.

Along with France, the health ministry of Italy has also issued Level 3 weather advisories for six cities of the country for Thursday.  A climate scientist at Potsdam University Stefan Rahmstorf,  tweeted that heat weaves are silent killers as in 2003 European heat wave has caused about 70,000 fatalities. Last year in 2018 heat has caused at least 1,000 excess deaths in Germany.”

The current heat wave will affect Europe majorly for this weekend but its effect will remain in the continent till next month.

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