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Donald Trump cancelled secret meeting with Taliban leaders

The US President Donald Trump said that he had cancelled the, talk with the Taliban leaders. The Taliban leaders were to travel to US to have a peace talk with the US president in the weekend, but now it will not be possible.

Trump tweeted that he scrapped the meeting after the Taliban took credit for an attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. This attack had killed many people, including one U.S. service member. With this tweet of U.S. President the hope of peace in Afghanistan is in doubt now.

Inviting the Taliban leaders on America’s land is the biggest development in the discussion going on between US and Taliban and that too just a few days before the anniversary of 11, September 2001. United state has been working on the deal to call back its troops from Afghanistan from a long time and many critics also say that America has offered too many concessions but still there is no positive sign that Talibani leaders have shown so far. This can be another reason that forces Donald Trump to step back from the talk.

US has already spent trillions of US dollars and 2,400 US servicemen have been killed so far since the invasion in Afghanistan,  so now it wants to call back its troops. Donald Trump had said last month that he is planning to withdraw thousands of US forces from Afghanistan, but after his new announcement of Saturday, this plan may get change.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on negotiations that it is unclear if the US-Taliban talks are permanently over or only paused. “I hope it’s the case the Taliban will change their behaviour and recommit to things we’ve talked about,” he added further.

A statement released by Taliban leaders said, “This will further harm their credibility and will show their anti-peace stance in a more clear way. It will further harm US by treasure and human loss, and their political credibility will lower in international political dealing.”

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s office also said that real peace would come when the Taliban agree to a ceasefire. However Taliban left the doors to talk for peace in Afghanistan open the world has to wait for the next move of, US.

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