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Botox: The Ultimate Treatment Of Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a common phenomenon in which an individual experiences a lot of sweating. This causes a lot of irritation and uneasiness to a person. Depending upon the area of excessive sweating, Hyperhidrosis can be of various types, it includes excessive palm sweating (palmoplantar huperhidrosis), excessive sweating of underarms (axillary hyperhidrosis) etc. The problem of some kinds of sweating may develop at an early age but it can continue throughout life if untreated.

The ultimate treatment of Hyperhidrosis is Botox. Botox injections are used to treat various medical conditions. Botox is Botulinum toxin which is a kind of neurotoxin that helps in temporarily paralyzing muscles. Botox got its recognition first as a cosmetic treatment and got used as a method to smooth face wrinkles by the relaxation of muscles.

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The procedure also has a significant role in the field of medicine. Botox is used by doctors to treat various neuromuscular conditions like migraines, muscle spasms and hyperhidrosis. For people suffering from abnormal sweating, regular antiperspirants don’t work well, they need a proper solution to get rid of this and for the treatment, Botox is highly recommended.

Botox injections even being a latest and trendy solution for Hyperhidrosis is highly recommended. If you sweat excessively and your sweating is not getting any better with the help of antiperspirants then you may be a candidate for Botox. The treatment has been FDA-approved for the ones who are suffering from this problem and wants immediate solution.

Botox injections work by relaxing the overactive sweat glands of your body. Basically all glands in our body gets operated with the nervous system so Botox injection temporarily paralyzes the overactive nerves that activates the sweat gland. Taking Botox injections is as easy as taking any other injection. The doctor may give you some numbing agent to prevent pain.

The use of Botox injections in the treatment of Hyperhidrosis is proved to be successful in 80 to 90 percent of cases.

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