‘Are you sure?’ Instagram now asks bullies before posting mean comments

Instagram has introduced a new anti-bullying tool that will ask the users if they are sure to post their offensive comment.  To prevent online bullying, Instagram will use Artificial Intelligence, and when any user types something offensive, the AI will promptly ask user, “Are you sure you want to post this?”. The tool will also give the option to the user to “undo” their comment before posting it.

Online bullying has been an unpleasant experience for many, so this tool will definitely help users. After some high profile bullying cases and especially after the suicide of   British teenager Molly Russel, who took her own life in 2017, Instagram was under pressure to take some action on bullying.

This anti-bullying feature uses AI to find out whether the comment has some objectionable word or not. In case AI spots any objectionable comment as ‘You look ugly’ the user will be interrupted with a message saying, “Are you sure you want to post this? Learn more”.

When the user clicks on ‘Learn more,’ then another notice will come with the following text, “We are asking people to rethink comments that seem similar to others that have been reported.”

Instagram head Adam Mosseri says in the official blog of popular social site, Instagram that his team found in early tests that the prompt encourage some people to undo their comment and share something less hurtful once they have had a chance to reflect.

Adam Mosseri further said, “We can do more to prevent bullying from happening on Instagram, and we can do more to empower the targets of bullying to stand up for themselves.”

With this anti-bullying tool, Instagram is also planning to release another tool named as “restrict.” This tool will permit to filter out the offensive comments from the people who post them without blocking them.

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