Apple’s new idea of expanding its iPhone sales

There’s a great decline in global smartphone sales, according to a report by market intelligence stream IDC. There was about 4.1% of fall in sales last year, and the industry is expecting a huge hit with an account of weaknesses in the China market. All the news and reports brought Apple an idea of boosting its iPhone sales.

India is on the verge of slowing down its smartphone in 2019, as sales are expected to increase by 13%, according to analytics research firm techARC. Apple is now working hard and bringing out new ideas for taking the necessary steps to make its level high and notable in the market.

Apple began manufacturing older iPhone models two years ago but has planned to add in new models to the list of manufactures. Foxconn, Apple’s contract manufacturer, is planning to produce the iPhone models on a large scale in the Indian market, later in 2019, according to Bloomberg.

According to the latest news, the production of iPhone models is all set to begin, in the parts of outside Chennai, Tamil Nadu, later this year.

Apple tried bringing its production to India earlier with a strategy of dragging in older iPhones, believing that the rice of those models will be comparatively low and the iPhone 6 and iPhone SE would help them increase their sales. But eventually, the plan was backed off as Indian customers were more interested in mobiles that came from Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi and OnePlus which gives power-packed features and services at a pretty less rate comparatively.

Apple ignored the Indian market long back and it just focused on China and other regions. But, Apple still has a chance to come to India in the nearest time possible. A report from Cisco estimates that the number of smartphone users in India will jump from 404 million in 2017 to 829 million in 2022.

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