Apple’s iWatch Series 5 going to have all the missing features of other smartwatches.

The new Apple Watch is going to create a big turn in Apple’s history when compared to its older versions. The new refined design, larger screen, and some FDA-cleared ECG tech to boot, but yet, it’s said that this year, it is going to be different and better.


Although Apple iWatch is said to be the smartest watch of all smartwatches, it not yet a perfect one. It has a few features missing when compared to its other competitors. Especially, Fitness tracking is not at all available with Apple. There are so many other brands that have this feature.

And this is what we can expect in its future version that is on its way. There are so many rumors running around about its missing features that are going to be available in the coming version.

Sleep tracking is also one of the missing features. there are so many other brands of smartwatches that provide this feature that tracks one’s sleep and sets alarm according to the amount of sleep they need. This will probably be available in the upcoming version.

One of the cons that Apple’s previous versions of smartwatches have is low battery life. When you charge your watch to the fullest, it can only stand for one and a half days.

So, Apple is planning on a better processor which dims the brightness at night and makes the watch use less battery during the night or increase the size of the battery in the watch, which will eventually lead to better battery life.

If Apple is serious about bringing a health device for everyone, that might need to happen soon and on a faster basis too…

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