Apple’s iPhone SE will have a successor?

Apple originally introduced iPhone SE, more than three years ago. The reason for its establishment is for the people who wanted to have the features of the iPhone in a compact manner. Not everyone would love to own large phones. The iPhone SE had all the features that iPhone 6 had but was smaller in size. Unfortunately, Apple discontinued the series last year, leaving fans of that device without any alternative. Many people felt the phone was pocket-friendly as the brand sold the same phone in a compact size.

At present, Apple’s iPhone XR and XS model shows an incredible value, but what matters is that the entry-level size of the phones is equal the size of the iPhone 6 plus or 7 plus. This made the few people who are Apple lovers and being haters of large-screened phones, left with no choice.

With that said, we saw loads of rumors last year, regarding a next-gen iPhone SE that was to possess the same features and components of what iPhone 8 had. All of a sudden, those rumors have vanished within a few months.

Apple had no idea of releasing an iPhone SE 2 and claimed that SE 2 was not currently on Apple’s product roadmap. Recently, a page published about a story indicating Apple’s working on a next-gen device and is said to be called iPhone XE. It might sport an edge to edge 4.8 inch OLED display and the cost of the device can be placed anywhere from $600 to $800. Since the price of the iPhone XR is high, iPhone XE should be kind of lower.

Although the news has not been official nor it has been confirmed by officials, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best, as Apple should provide users with some sort of alternative for small devices.

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