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Another 7.1-magnitude earthquake rocked Southern California on Friday night

A powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake shakes southern California on Friday night. The residents were already terrified as on Thursday an earthquake of 6.4 magnitudes hit the city. The latest tremble was much stronger than the previous one and it left the people in shock. The epicenter of the earthquake was near the city of Ridgecrest, about 240km north-east of Los Angeles. This place is nearly 11 km far from the epicenter of Thursday’s earthquake.

Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones said in a press conference, “This is an earthquake sequence, It will be ongoing”. She further added that every earthquake makes another earthquake more likely. According to Jones, the Thursday’s 6.4 magnitude earthquake was a foreshock and the latest 7.1-magnitude earthquake was the main shock.

Ridgecrest and San Bernardino County are expecting more aftershocks so the state of emergency has declared for the places.

Talking about the damage caused by the earthquake the mayor of   Ridgecrest told, “We’ve got fires, we’ve got gas leaks, we’ve got injuries, we’ve got people without power and we are dealing with it as best we can”. A gas leak caused a fire in Ridgecrest; news of water line breakage has also been reported.

After the earthquake, there are approx 1,800 people who don’t have power. People have minor injuries such as cuts and bruises and no major injury has been reported so far. The San Bernardino County Fire Department received multiple reports of damage from northwest communities after Thursday’s quack the seismologists had released the warning about the aftershocks.

Residents are still in shock as 6.5 magnitude quack on Thursday had caused minor damage but this earthquake was stronger, stayed for few extra seconds and cause more damage. Giovanna Gomez, a resident of Bakersfield said that she was at her home when the earthquake hit, the shock was about a minute long, and it was a smooth roll going back and forth. The far away cities as Mexico and Las Vegas also felt the shakes of the earthquake.


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