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Angie Everhart and Eden Sassoon Blamed Breast Implant for Major Health Issues They Have


Angie Everhart, former sports illustrated and playboy model and Eden Sassoon  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills phenom open up about their mysterious breast implant illness.  Both of them get the breast implement surgery to look more attractive, and now the surgery has become the reason for unbearable pain.

On VBS show Angie and Eden both shared their story of the struggle to meet the beauty standards and their suffering due to this. Eden Sassoon went under the knife for breast implement surgery when she was just 19 years old.  The first surgery didn’t go well and resulted in as mismatched breast and its implant illness. She has to take few sets to look perfect and in shape but her right implants burst during childbirth. She is now suffering from chronic pain, and she believes that it is the result of breast implant surgery and its outcome.

Eden Sassoon also talked about the pressure of looking good. She said being a Sassoon and daughter of Vidal Sassoon the beauty icon she has the pressure to fit into the beauty measurements. She said she went for the implant due fit in the family standees. She also got her first implant when she was around 19. She went for the surgery for three times. She said, “’These are my third set, and I just progressively got worse and worse and worse and then the last time I was was sick, my thyroid went out, I thought I was dying.’ ‘I had pain [in my] neck, down the shoulder, through to the finger consistently, I had head fog, I’d visit my chiropractor every day…So I’m like something is not right’, she added further.

In 2017 she got the silicon removed, and she said, ‘I’m on thyroid medication, and I will always be, but for the most part, everything is amazing.’

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