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Amazon working on to bring in a high-definition music streaming device

Just after the music streaming was made free for Alexa approved devices, the Music Business Worldwide headed its move with a plan to provide high definition music streaming online.

This will make the existing music have better sound quality. Awaiting this to come in 2019, which is to provide service beside Amazon’s other streaming services. As per the report, this service will cost around $15 per month.

Sources say that Amazon already has entered a licensing deal with at least one significant record label, and planning to work on, with various other music rightsholders too.

The rate comes with a trusthworthy price, which seems better than the CD quality, said one source to MBW. “Amazon is operating on it: currently the focus is about how many catalogs will they get from everyone thereby how will they ingest it.

Although Spotify has studied many such higher rates in the past, of which TIDAL is one such music services which has been providing Hi-Fi subscription with a lossless stream of $19.99, and a range of Master quality services.

Think about it:

Amazon will own every tier of recorded music covered, from free streaming into confined catalog via Prime. Enters as a perfect Spotify competitor to offer unlimited music and a hi-definition service, an extension to vinyl, CD, merch and furthermore.
“We could not have witnessed anything as such, which is matching with their inclination in music yet”.

There has been no other company to offer such unique services, as per the source. If you are a music fan, you’ll love Amazon Music’s new feature. There you’ll be able to grab anything and everything linked with music. Further Amazon Music streaming will not disappoint you.

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