AirPod works astoundingly inside the digestive system!

“AirPods are more durable then we could have ever thought”.

A study says that the battery life of AirPod can withstand gastrointestinal tracts and survive the digestive system inside one’s body.

A great fan of Apple declares that he had slept having AirPods on both his ears and once he was awake he couldn’t find one on his ear.

Mr.Hsu on his way to questioning about the lost AirPod quickly tried tracing did use the feature in the AirPod to find its other pair. There was a beeping sound, which he could hear from inside his body.

The most notable matter is that AirPods doesn’t have any waterproof rating or IP dust rating, but it tends to withstand a dip in stomach acid.

To confirm and find out where exactly did it get inside his body, Mr. Hsu had to take an Xray.

The mesmerizing factor that needs to be highlighted is this issue is, when Hsu got his AirPod back, it worked perfectly like ever.

“Stating to a news reporter, he said, The battery was still at 41 percent! Incredible it was”, defining and specifying the experience as “magical“.

We seriously don’t know whether or not Apple is going to advertise its headphones are gastrointestinal-rated, but it’s quite impressive that the headphone actually survived its journey through the digestive system.

Furthermore, as per the report, many were teasing people by telling if you are one of Hsu’s friends, avoid borrowing the headphones from him because we all know where those headphones had been.


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