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A New Method for Healing Root Canal Developed – A ray of Hope for the Patience

Root canal treatment is something that almost every dental patient abhors. The imagination of the pain and similar apprehensions about the clinical procedure have been a major reasons that the patients tend to deny their consent for the treatment. However, it isn’t as dangerous as it has been thought to be.

The University of Iowa is working towards developing new technologies for reducing the infection and lower the levels of pain. The newly developed tool is expected to offer an enhanced performance in cases like Queens Root canal. The tool has been designed for the treatment of the root canal patients and assist them in having an effective and efficient healing by sterilising the area that has been operated.

The tool has been developed by Kimberly Morio, who is an adjunct faculty member at the UI College of Dentistry. “This is important just due to the fact that we think that we’re going to be able to more effectively manage those bacteria and infections within the spaces,” Mario claims.

The device in question makes use of UV wavelengths which sterilises the bacteria at the root canal location. UV rays have been known to have the germicidal properties since long. However, using it a localised area like a tooth wasn’t possible until now. However, the recent developments in the UV technology have made it possible to opt for the right techniques and tools so that providing a localised treatment has become a reality.

So, if you have the need for going under the knife for a root canal and you really care about your health, do not hesitate opting for the treatment. It is no longer painful. There have been several technologies that have made it possible to opt for the right kind of healing.

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