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A new biography by John F. Kennedy Jr.’s friend Sheds Light on the life of America’s golden boy

Twenty years ago on 16 July 1999, the 38-year-old John F. Kennedy Jr died in an unfortunate plane crash his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and her sister Lauren Bessette. After twenty years, his friend and historian Steven Gillon reveals intimate details about him.

Steven Gillon has written a biography of the American prince on his 20th death anniversary. His new biography sheds light on that part of his life of which has not been made public yet.

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Gillon met to Jhon in 1980 at Brown University, where Gillion was a teaching assistant, and Jhon was studying American study. In an interview, Steven Gillon said he had met Carolyn twice. She was refined and so elegant and was just mesmerizing.

Carolyn has a big complaint to his husband that he just let people walk all over him, and he didn’t stand up for himself. She also felt that many of his friends were using him, and she was trying to push many of his friends out of his life. The writer experienced it when She exploded on John for not to take any action against Hachette for writing this incredibly abusive letter to her husband.

On the rumors about John’s run for the office, the writer said that he had an exploratory meeting in March 1999 about whether to run for the Senate or not. So he is definitely thinking about it, but he wasn’t ready for it.  John had finally embraced that politics was in his DNA, and he could be good at it. He didn’t want to be a legislator and always saw himself as an executive.

Gillion remembers John as a generous man. He helped his friends out financially and also supported them emotionally when they needed it.

*Taken from the interview of Steven Gillon to a media house.

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