A chauvinistic theme game takes over PubG

On missing regulatory approval, Tencent, who is now the Chinese internet giant, has dismissed the launch of a hit video game in their country.

Global hit Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PubG) are similar battle-royale video games, where 100s of players compete for survival.

Although the birth of PubG was in South Korea, it was Tencent that had licensed and had been testing a mobile app version of the game in China.

Preferably the players in China were given a state-approved choice.

Patriotic themes

Currently, PubG’s popularity has reached all over the world. Further, the game was identified as one of the highest-grossing titles on the Steam video game store for the year 2018.

Tencent, as it was in the process of testing a mobile version of the game in China, found 70 million people were playing it every day. However, the company missed to get the essential approval to offer in-app purchases and thereby failed to make money from the game.

Declaring the conclusion on micro-blogging site Weibo, Tencent said, players could download the state-approved Force for Peace rather.

As this game considerably comparable to PubG in style, yet would exclude destruction related stuff and include some patriotic themes.

Cui Chenyu [Games Analyst, from IHS Markit] addressing a news agency said,

“It specifically is similar to PubG”. “The game-play, the background, the characters, and graphic design, nearly the same.”

The game “Force For Peace” as well is expected to let players build on their ranking and grab details from PubG Mobile.

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